Sling (Coming Soon)

Punishment and bondage horse for an exciting and imaginative SM session. The possibilities for your sub or sex partner with this construction are not limited to a few positions during the game. The punishment or bondage horse is a great piece of furniture to play whether it’s Bondage, SM or sex. Attach the wrist and ankle cuffs or bondage ropes to your sub or sex partner and secure it to the handles or mount a number of cuff hooks on the standing legs and the person on the buck can’t go anywhere and is completely at the mercy of the Master or Mistress.
A timeless and beautiful design that guarantees hours of fun.
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Product Features

The supplied legs determine the height of the horse. As standard, the base can be chosen for legs with a length of 40, 50 or 60 cm. If the supplied legs are just too long for a good posture of the sub or playing partner, you can easily cut them to length with a hacksaw, pipe cutter or grinder.

For an additional charge, it is also possible to order height-adjustable legs instead of the fixed-length legs. The legs are then adjustable in 4 different heights. Ideal, of course, if the horse is used by various people with different body sizes or for a different posture or position.

To make the punishment and bondage horse a showpiece, the chassis and couplings are also available in Matt black. The pipes are powder coated so that they are less damaged during use.

The frame is the base consisting of the 4 legs and 2 cross beams and the necessary couplings that are easily mounted with an Allen key to a very sturdy and stable construction. The trestle is constructed with 18 mm thick plywood and bended plywood is used for the curve. Under the cover of skai (imitation leather) a soft filling has been applied for a wonderfully comfortable position during the game. The standard skai is black and firefighter red. For a small additional charge, you can also choose another color such as burgundy red and purple. Other colors on request

After the session or the game, the construction can be easily and quickly dismantled by detaching the chassis from the horse by loosening a number of Allen screws (Allen key is supplied as standard). If desired, the horse can also be neatly stored in a custom-made black fabric storage bag so that the upholstery cannot be damaged and is ready for the next session or game.

NB the standard quality skai is less suitable in combination with the use of massage oil, lubricants or other liquid products. These products pull in the skai with this quality skai. In that case, we recommend the more expensive quality skai upholstery that is also used on massage tables and can be cleaned with all non-aggressive cleaning agents.

Height of trestle (without legs) = 40 cm
Height trestle with legs: 80cm
Bucket length = 110 cm
Bucket width = 30 cm
Width with 2 side pieces: 75cm

Delivery time:
2 – 3 weeks after order


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